Wollongong Timber Flooring

Wollongong Timber Flooring

Not only does a wooden floor give your living space a unique vibe, but it also is the most utilised part of your home. Your floor has to endure the pain of high-heeled shoes, rubber sneakers and maybe even football boots! Chances are that your floor is exhausted and is in desperate need of a makeover. This is where Guy Linnette Timber Floor Specialist can help you. With over 20 of experience in servicing the Wollongong region, we are able to assess the state of your floor and make it look like new again. We are trusted by our Wollongong customers to stain and polish your already existing floor.

Wollongong Timber Flooring Installation

Not only are we specialists in maintaining floors, but we are also able to install them. We stick by you through the entire process – from cutting and sizing the wood of your choice to fitting and laying the floor in your home. We also offer our Wollongong customers a range of products such as Floating Floors and Bamboo. Also, we understand that there are a range of different woods, such as hardwood, parquetry, and engineered pre-finished timber, allowing you to choose a product that best suits your home. We are a company whose mission is to provide professional and reliable service to our customers. So, if you are a Wollongong Resident who takes as much pride their floor as we do, give us a call today and see how we can make your floor an asset to your home.

Wollongong Timber Flooring Maintenance

As a timber floor owner, it is essential that you keep it regularly maintained Рfree from scratches, dents and scuff marks. However, if these are already evident in your timber floor, there is no need to worry! As your local Wollongong Timber Flooring Specialists, we are able to bring your floor back to life. Furthermore, we have all of our own equipment and employ a team of Wollongong flooring specialists, so they know exactly how to make your floor look shiny and new again. We take a personal approach to all of our work. Hence, we hand-fill any holes that have appeared and are able to sand back any scratches or marks. By staining your floor, previous damage will be hidden, giving you that new floor feeling. So call us today to see how we can make your floor a masterpiece.