Timber Flooring Options

There’s no denying that timber flooring is nothing short of beautiful. Wood floors are a popular element in today’s modern home, and with advancements in flooring production and installation, it’s easier (and more affordable) than ever to get the timber floors you desire. Here at Guy Linnette Timber Flooring Specialist, we serve Wollongong and nearby NSW areas with exceptional craftsmanship and spectacular service. As we start to work with each client, we discuss their ideas and our timber options. Below, you’ll find our basic choices for your wood floors, with customisation always available.

Great Options for Timber Flooring

All timber flooring possibilities have their advantages and disadvantages, but it generally boils down to a personal preference. Each type of wood is distinct with its grain and knot pattern—in fact, every piece of wood has its own character. There are around 20 types of timber frequently used in our clients’ floors. These include jarrah, brush box, spotted gum, Tasmanian oak, and bamboo, among others. These woods can be used in the following manner:

Solid timber

Solid timber is what most people think of when they envision wood flooring. Here, solid planks are installed which are generally composed of a single piece of timber. These are thick and durable, yielding a long-lasting timber floor option that looks great for years. Solid timber typically comes unfinished, giving you ultimate control over the final stain look. This is a beautiful and elegant wood choice for any home. This type of timber flooring can be more prone to damage than other options, and may need additional maintenance.

Floating Floors

Want a fast and attractive option for timber flooring? Floating floors may be the ideal solution for you. Unlike solid timber planks, these pieces are not nailed directly to the floor itself, but are laminate pieces attached to one another to create a single unit that moves as one. Installing wood floors in Wollongong on a budget? Floating floors might be ideal for you, and they can still give you the wood floor look you’re after. They also tend to withstand everyday wear and tear better than solid timber.

Parquet Floors

Parquet has a very distinctive look. This type of timber flooring presents a patterned, almost mosaic appearance of geometric shapes: triangles, blocks, rectangles, and more. Using smaller-sized layered timber planks placed separately throughout the space, this flooring is quite visually appealing and generates a strong, stable floor. Parquet flooring can be a smart alternative to plain tile as it can provide a “warmer” atmosphere and many homeowners report preferring to walk barefooted on parquet floors rather than tile. Yet it is installed as easily as tile, and is known as a cost-effective timber option.

Engineered Timber Floorboards

Want the look of solid timber at a lower price? Ever-increasing in popularity are engineered pre-finished timber floorboards. As opposed to solid timber, this flooring consists of a thin top layer of wood veneer, with substrate beneath. These floors have gorgeous results, but are very affordable and the layers of structure ensure long-lasting stability. Although the pre-finished timber boards do not require sanding, sanding can enable this type of floor to last extra long, as it can be refinished over time.

Looking for fantastic timber flooring for your NSW home? Guy Linnette Timber Flooring Specialist has years of experience in the industry and a reputation for making homes look their very best. Get in touch to discuss our timber flooring options and your vision.