What Type of Timber Flooring Should I Choose?

Wood is a wonderful choice for a beautiful, sustainable flooring material. Are you looking to choose the right timber flooring for your NSW home? After years of successfully installing Shellharbour timber flooring, we believe our team is the right company for you. We’d love to help you explore your options. Selecting the ideal type of timber for your home can be a challenge. But with a friendly, experienced professional on your side, you’ll end up with stunning timber flooring that enhances your home, boosts your property’s value, and lasts for years.

Timber Flooring that Supports Your Lifestyle

Wood floors in the entirety of your home can be lovely. Some of our clients opt instead to install timber in select rooms in the house, which can add character and sophistication to a specific area. However you proceed, you will want to make choices that match the way you live your life.

How heavily trafficked are various parts of your home? If you’re seeking high quality timber, yet have kids and pets frequently passing through, you will want to choose an option that will persevere for the long haul. Engineered pre-finished timber is often a great choice here. Alternately, rooms that don’t receive much foot traffic, such as formal dining rooms, are prime locations for top quality solid timber.

When choosing timber flooring, you can examine how much upkeep is involved for each type. The highest grades of wood may need weekly attention. Other types more resistant to wear and tear won’t offer the same level of fine timber elegance. Consider your lifestyle and what timber will best support this.

Considering Your Tastes, Decor, & Furnishings

The question “what type of timber flooring should I choose,” is often best answered by considering the style and decor of your home. It’s no secret that many Shellharbour householders select timber flooring primarily because of its aesthetic benefit. Wood floors are attractive and classic. The type of timber you choose should complement your tastes and your current furnishings.

A great option for those who desire eye-catching flooring is solid timber. Hardwood comes in an untreated form and can then be finished in a wide range of styles. This gives you plenty of flexibility in colour, look, and level of shine. You might go for a more rustic, slightly-unfinished style, or opt for a dark, well-oiled aesthetic that brings a rich warmth to your abode. Changing your decor themes a few years down the road? No problem. Solid timber can be sanded and refinished a near infinite number of times, allowing you to adjust your durable, beautiful flooring to enhance your current look.

For most people, budget will also be a significant factor when it comes to selecting timber flooring. We are happy to discuss the most prudent options with you, helping you to find your perfect solution for timber flooring in Shellharbour and beyond.

Navigating Your Timber Options

We specialise in several distinct categories of timber flooring:

● Solid timber

The classic choice in wood flooring, solid timber comes almost straight from the tree to your home. In Australia, the most common wood types are oak, jarrah, Tasmanian oak, spotted gum, and more. Solid timber flooring is extremely durable and, with proper care, can last a century or more.

● Engineered pre-finished timber

Easy to install and highly affordable, pre-finished timber is a popular choice for many who want the look of solid wood with other features. This type of flooring is comprised of several layers with wood veneer on the top. The thickness of the top veneer can vary based on your desires, and thicker layers can generate a longer-lasting floor material. This type of timber does not require sanding or other finishes.

● Parquetry

For a unique, geometric effect, parquet flooring is your go-to option. These smaller, layered-wood planks can be placed however you desire. The layers of wood make parquet flooring quite durable. There is a vast range of options for thickness, material, and style, so we can definitely help you find parquetry to meet your budget.

As you make your decisions regarding Shellharbour timber flooring, we hope you’ll give Guy Linnette Timber Flooring Specialist a call. With a decade of industry experience and a commitment to superlative service, we are here to make your decision easy, and supply you with a gorgeous timber floor you’ll love.