Caring for Your Timber Flooring


Look at that gleaming wood! There’s no doubt that timber flooring can look gorgeous, elevating your property and turning a house into a luxurious, cosy home. In Wollongong, timber flooring is a popular option for both residential and commercial properties. Natural timber flooring not only looks beautiful, it adds value to the property itself. Yet to keep this material looking fresh, it is vital to have a proper system of cleaning, care, and maintenance.

Fortunately, it’s not too great of a challenge to keep those timber floors looking perfect. The Southern Sydney timber floor experts here at Guy Linnette Timber Flooring know just what to do. Bringing more than two decades of industry experience to every project, here are our tips for caring for your timber flooring, and ensuring your home looks its very best.

Keep Abrasive Particles at Bay

Preventative maintenance is the first line of defence when it comes to keeping your wood floors in their best shape. Abrasive particles such as dirt and sand can wreak havoc on your polished timber; keeping these from contact with your floor is key. Place mats or throw rugs at any entrance from the outside, where much of the on-foot debris can be dropped or wiped off. You can also make it a habit to remove your shoes when entering, and never wear particularly damaging shoes when walking on your timber. High heels are a no-no.

Wood flooring is also prone to scratches. To prevent these, keep pets’ nails trimmed and limit what furniture or other items are set upon the wood. If you have timber floors in a room containing furniture, it is advisable to avoid dragging that furniture when moving or rearranging. You can also place felt or another type of protector on the underside of couches, table legs, and other elements that are resting on the timber.

Maintenance for Your Wood Floors

No matter what type of finish your Wollongong timber flooring has, it will require some type of regular upkeep to keep its fresh, flawless look. Frequent sweeping with a soft bristle broom or microfibre brush can remove the dirt and abrasive particles of daily life. On a weekly basis, it is suggested to vacuum your timber flooring completely to give it a more thorough debris removal, and to reach any particles trapped between timber pieces.

A monthly deep clean with a recommended product is the next step. Avoid using products meant for tile, vinyl, or other non-wood surfaces. These can result in slippery flooring that loses its rich lustre. Be sure to choose a product that is meant specifically for the timber floor you own. Waxing, buffing, and polishing are also options for your floor, but don’t be too liberal with the wax, as this can result in build-up. Every few years, a maintenance coat can be applied to your flooring.

Other Wood-Care Missteps to Avoid

Timber flooring needs some amount of moisture to thrive, but not too much. Consider purchasing a humidifier to keep your home a healthy level of moist during the dry seasons. Don’t use a wet water mop when cleaning your timber floors, however, as this can cause timber to warp or become damaged and can negatively impact the finish.

Wood Flooring for Life

With the above tips, you’ll be fully prepared for natural wood floors that will last a lifetime. When treated with care and the right maintenance approach, your timber flooring can last for many, many years, giving your Southern Sydney home a special touch that you’ll value each and every day.

For professional timber flooring installation and repair in the Wollongong region, why not give Guy Linnette Timber Flooring a call? We’re the team of local experts who specialise in fast, fantastic service. Get in touch to see how we can help transform your home with timber flooring.