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07 Jun

Timber Flooring Options

There’s no denying that timber flooring is nothing short of beautiful. Wood floors are a popular element in today’s modern home, and with advancements in flooring production and installation, it’s easier (and more affordable) than ever to get the timber floors you desire. Here at Guy Linnette Timber Flooring Specialist, we serve Wollongong and nearby

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12 May

Wollongong Timber Flooring

Wollongong Timber Flooring Not only does a wooden floor give your living space a unique vibe, but it also is the most utilised part of your home. Your floor has to endure the pain of high-heeled shoes, rubber sneakers and maybe even football boots! Chances are that your floor is exhausted and is in desperate

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13 Mar

Caring for Your Timber Flooring

  Look at that gleaming wood! There’s no doubt that timber flooring can look gorgeous, elevating your property and turning a house into a luxurious, cosy home. In Wollongong, timber flooring is a popular option for both residential and commercial properties. Natural timber flooring not only looks beautiful, it adds value to the property itself.

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24 Jan

How to Choose the Right Timber Flooring

Are you looking at purchasing a timber floor? Perhaps you have already made your decision. Either way, it’s  a good idea to understand the plethora of choices you will soon have to make before you install your timber floor. For example, you will have to consider the type of wood, the colour,  as well as

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27 Sep

Timber Floors Wollongong: A Lasting Investment

For a warm, cosy home that is both beautiful and appealing, many house holders turn to timber flooring—and with good reason! Floors made from hardy types of wood are not only stunning, but can last for decades with proper care and attention. In Wollongong, Shellharbour, and other nearby areas, timber flooring is very popular. From

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21 Jul

What Type of Timber Flooring Should I Choose?

Wood is a wonderful choice for a beautiful, sustainable flooring material. Are you looking to choose the right timber flooring for your NSW home? After years of successfully installing Shellharbour timber flooring, we believe our team is the right company for you. We’d love to help you explore your options. Selecting the ideal type of

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